Providing information and frameworks that inform better decisions

With over fifteen years of consulting experience, I work in both the pharmaceutical and non-profit sectors with clients who are aiming to make a difference.  No matter what the project focus, my passion is in helping my clients to prioritize and simplify so that they can make the best decisions with the least amount of work.  

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Competitive Analysis

Inform your decision-making in pharmaceutical development and commercialization by understanding your competitive landscape.  I help you identify and assess your competitors, anticipate their future plans, and build internal capabilities so that you can continue to monitor your external environment.

Non-profit strategy

Make the most of your limited resources by taking the time to plan: a strategic plan can be easy to create and will help you make difficult decisions on the fly. If it's not time to plan yet, stakeholder research helps you and your board to better understand where you are excelling and where you need to focus more effort.

Philanthropic planning

The hardest part in getting started with your personal philanthropy is figuring out where to start.  In partnership with Wegbreit Impact Consulting and [ALI], we can help you lay our your mission, vision, values, and philanthropic goals, develop a giving strategy, and learn about non-profit organizations that interest you.